1967 - The beginning of "Project 122"

We can say that Michel Boué is the "father" of the Renault 5. He was a newcomer to the Renault's design centre, and made some drafts for this new car based on a Renault 4L picture. These drafts outlined what the Renault 5 would be later on. A car with a short bonnet, with a profile minimizing the radiator grid, two large side doors, large tailgate that went down to the line of bumpers, two vertical tail lamps following the rear line of sight, large glazed surfaces, sharp edges without being angular, with a totally absense of garrisons on the flanks and exhibiting a crease in a relatively low position at the same level as the bumper. All that the future Renault 5 would be already exists in this first draft. After some improvements, this draft received such unanimity that was not even necessary to confront it with other competing projects. Unfortunately Michel Boué died prematurely without being able to watch the success of the car he had conceived. This project, later developed by the Renault Design Centre, led to the launch in 1972 of a strong personality small city car, dubbed the "Supercar" from which up to 5 million units were made.

Renault 5 history