Pictures of my R5 GTL Laureate

This Renault 5 GTL Laureate, has a licence plate registration date from 11/14/1984 and was purchased in February, 1985 for 810.900$00 PTE (€ 4,044.75) and it was my first car. I drove it for a few years having passed it to my father later on. He kept it for a few years more until in 1998 it returned to my possession. Except for a major overhaul of the engine and exterior body repaint made in September 2001, its condition is totally original.

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On the first weekend of October 2005, this R5 participated, along with other unforgettable classic cars and by invitation of Renault Portuguesa, in the presentation session of the Clio III held at the Estoril Autodrome during the Portuguese edition of the World Series by Renault.

Autódromo do Estoril - My R5 during the public presentation of the CLIO III in Portugal

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In October / November 2010 it was also invited to participate in the shooting of a few scenes for a movie directed by Maria Esperança Pascoal (as Pocas Pascoal) and entitled "Alda e Maria - Por aqui tudo bem", whose action took place in the area of Barreiro and Vale da Amoreira (Moita - Portugal).