Official websites:

Renault TV Renault's website with general content about cars, news, motorsport, etc,.

Renault CLASSIC Renault's official website devoted to the classic Renaults.
Renault TV (Icons - Renault 5) Interesting movie (48 min.) about R5's history.


Other websites dedicated to the R5: A very good and complete site on R5s.



Clube Português de Renault 5

Portuguese Forum dedicated to the R5
RENAULT 5 (1982 - 1984) Portuguese Forum dedicated exclusively to the 1st Renault 5 generation (1972 to 1984)



CAR - Clube de Antigos Renault Club dedicated to the preservation and promotion of classic Renault cars (or with relevant interest).

Clube Lusitano do Automóvel Clássico
It is a portuguese club of owners and lovers of Classic and Vintage Cars that began as an Opel brand specialist.

HACETS Histórico Automóvel Clube de Entre Tejo e Sado


Interesting websites about classic and vintage cars:

cbilleque Excellent photo gallery (on on classic cars in general and Renault 5 in particular.

Piel de Toro Spanish website with old press articles about several car models.

Autoweb French website with technical sheets, tests, evaluations, etc..

VW Carocha Portugal Portuguese website dedicated to the VW Beetle and all its fans.

Portuguese website devoted to classic cars, with several sections, such as selling books or workshop manuals, or the publication of buy/sell ads and other topics of interest.