Cars that I'll always remember

R5 GTL Laureate This Renault 5 GTL Laureate, has a licence plate registration date from 11/14/1984 and was purchased in February, 1985 for 810.900$00 PTE (€ 4,044.75). It was my first car. I drove it for a few years having passed it to my father later on. He kept it for a few years more until in 1998 it returned to my possession. Except for a major overhaul of the engine and exterior body repaint made in September 2001, its condition is totally original.


Renault 4L Fiat 600D Morris 8 Series E Before this Renault 5 I was driving my father's cars. These cars were, chronologically, a Morris 8 series E, (the car of my first driving experiences when I was a young boy), a Fiat 600D (the family car when I got my driving license and my first years of marriage) and a Renault 4L (the car that my father lent me when my first kids were born).

Pictures of a family outing in the Morris 8.


Studebaker Commander (1942) Fordson Van I can remember also a couple of cars that filled my childhood and where I made a few good trips: a 1942 Studebaker Commander (my baptismal godparent's car) and a Fordson Van (my father's company van).

Picture of the Fordson Van with my mother and me.


Skoda 1102 Peugeot 203 Pickup Also part of my childhood memories are a Peugeot 203 and a Skoda 1102 that on one time or another belonged to my father's company and where I spent some time playing and pretending to drive them.